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Summer is Calling – Vacation or Staycation

June 29, 2017

- We put out a brief email survey in early May to learn residents’ plans for May through September. More than 130 residents responded. Although about 85% of them are planning some travel, almost everyone is looking forward to what Carol Woods has to offer.

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Leaders and Mentors

May 19, 2017

- Many of our residents have dedicated themselves to serving young people over the years. Some of their stories are funny, some are poignant and others are informative; but they all speak to the critical role that leaders play in forming the next generation. Just for fun we included a lesson learned for each story.

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Charles House on the Carol Woods campus

April 21, 2017

- Located on the Carol Woods campus, the nonprofit Charles House provides eldercare services to the local community.

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Early Acceptance -- A Thriving Way of Life

March 9, 2017

- The Early Acceptance program was the first of its kind in North Carolina and is designed to provide an alternative to on-campus living for local community members who live within 15 miles of Carol Woods.

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Companion Corps

January 27, 2017

- “We began with a simple goal: to help residents feel more connected to the larger Carol Woods community by bringing them to events such as concerts and other social gatherings. Successful as this was, we soon recognized how much more we could do to help residents realize that someone cared about them and to facilitate their engagement in meaningful activities. It also became apparent that the Companion Corps volunteers received so much in return.”

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