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Bats in the Belfry

June 7, 2016

- The Landscaping and Grounds Committee was approached about ways Carol Woods could increase the number of bats on the campus. The committee decided a first step would be an educational article on how bats serve a beneficial role in controlling mosquitoes and other pesky insects.

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Dementia-Inclusive Philosophy in Action at Carol Woods

May 18, 2016

- Carol Woods CEO Pat Sprigg discusses our inclusive approach to dementia care.

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Growing Spirit

May 10, 2016

- Imagine creating sachets of catnip for Carol Woods’ many felines, potting seedlings of milkweed to attract butterflies, sampling fresh local vegetables, visiting the Farmer’s Market in Raleigh, and using recycled materials to create sun catchers or toy boats for a regatta. What do these activities have in common? All have been sponsored by “Growing Spirit,” a program designed to bring hands-on, nature-based activities to residents in higher levels of support.

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Resident Business Center and Computer Room

April 20, 2016

- What a long way we’ve come! In 1997, the efforts of an ad hoc committee of interested residents resulted in a computer room that was described as “a motley collection of donated computers and printers.” In 2016, the newly remodeled Resident Business Center and Computer Room offers an attractive, well-designed space with many more resources in a single convenient location.

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Blooming Geniuses!

April 14, 2016

- “Who does your flowers?” Given the artistry and creativity of the arrangements, visitors often assume we have a contract with a florist. Occasionally, they look doubtful when told that the arrangements in the reception area, social lounge, dining room and at some special events have all been created by our residents. But, like so many things at Carol Woods, our flowers are done by a committee.

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