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Companion Corps

January 27, 2017

- “We began with a simple goal: to help residents feel more connected to the larger Carol Woods community by bringing them to events such as concerts and other social gatherings. Successful as this was, we soon recognized how much more we could do to help residents realize that someone cared about them and to facilitate their engagement in meaningful activities. It also became apparent that the Companion Corps volunteers received so much in return.”

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Complementary Therapies at Carol Woods

December 23, 2016

- Carol Woods places a premium on providing excellent health care. Not only do we have a Health Center providing skilled care, but also a Health Clinic staffed by four physicians and seven registered nurses (four full-time and three part-time), a geriatric nurse practitioner and a comprehensive Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Department. To put the icing on the cake, residents are offered an array of complementary therapies.

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Resident Participation in Prison Ministries

December 1, 2016

- One of the few bright spots in the dismal picture of United States incarceration is an effort by religious communities to improve the lives of prisoners and aid their transition to life “on the outside.” Some Carol Woods residents began participating in such efforts long before coming to North Carolina. Others began their work here. Most are connected with the prisoners at the Orange Correctional Center (OCC), a minimum security prison in Hillsborough. A few of these residents have volunteered to share their experiences

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Poetry at Carol Woods

November 14, 2016

- Our residents tend to be very well read, and many have considerable literary talent. Enjoy this poem written by one of our residents. We think it's perfect for contemplating on a fall day.

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The Backstory of Carol Woods Online

October 12, 2016

- Who would have thought that in a mere four years, Carol Woods could go from an “off the shelf” web portal to a sophisticated website named Carol Woods Online. The story starts in the spring of 2011 when Jane A. and Pat B. petitioned Carol Woods management and the Residents Association to form an Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC for short).

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