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Nurse Practitioners Making a Difference for Carol Woods

February 1, 2019

- Nurse practitioners play a very important role at Carol Woods, supporting residents' well-being.

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Service Dogs at Carol Woods

December 5, 2018

- Some our beloved campus pets are, in fact, service dogs.

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Fostering Our Collective Capacity to Work through Complex Issues

October 16, 2018

- We believe the best solutions, while ever-changing, will come from the community itself, and each community is different. Pat Sprigg, President & CEO of Carol Woods, and Jennifer Carson, director of the Dementia Engagement, Education, and Research program at the University of Nevada at Reno discuss a better way to meet the complexities of dementia support.

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Embracing the Complexity of Dementia Support

August 20, 2018

- "In order to navigate life, we must embrace its complexity. Dementia support is no different." Pat Sprigg, President & CEO of Carol Woods, and Jennifer Carson, Research Assistant Professor and Director of the Gerontology Academic Program at the University of Nevada, Reno discuss why recognizing and respecting complexity is fundamental to a humane approach to dementia support.

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Quest Upstream

June 5, 2018

- Imagine a dementia-inclusive community; a place where each person’s uniqueness is valued, deep relationships flourish and differences are embraced. Imagine a dementia-inclusive community where each person’s perceptions and experience of the world, while often different than our own, are taken into account and honored. Imagine a dementia-inclusive community in which compassionate care partners work proactively to support well-being and uphold each person’s right to live in the least restrictive environment. This is the type of community Carol Woods is fostering on its campus.

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