What is a CCRC?

CCRC is an acronym for continuing care retirement community. CCRCs provide a continuum of care—independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing. Many communities offer a variety of residences, services and amenities as well as short- and long-term care resources. Because CCRCs offer different levels of care on one campus, residents are able to maintain their activities, relationships and support as they age.

Who is Carol Woods?

We are not named after a person. Rather, the name comes from “Carol” for Carolinas and “Woods” for our wooded landscape.

Who owns Carol Woods?

No one owns Carol Woods. We are a nonprofit organization and are governed by an all-volunteer board of directors that is responsible for strategic planning and oversight of the community.

How many residents live at Carol Woods?

There are about 485 on-campus residents, and about 115 off-campus residents enrolled in our Early Acceptance Program.

What is the refund policy for the entry fee?

Carol Woods offers a declining refund for the entry fee. The entry fee amortizes 2 percent per month, thereby taking 50 months before there is no refund.

What does my monthly service fee include?

Carol Woods bundles services, including utilities, local telephone, basic cable, wireless Internet connection, local scheduled transportation, 24-hour security, weekly housekeeping, linen service, maintenance, fitness programming and a standard meal plan.

What is the meal plan?

The monthly service fees cover a standard meal plan: residents are given monthly meal credits that equal the number of days in the month. For example, residents receive 30 meal credits a month to use however they wish within that month. Credits do not roll over to the next month and can be redeemed for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. If you go over the allotment, you can purchase additional meals or increase your meal plan.

What is the wait time for a home?

Wait times vary depending on the floor plan you desire. Historically, wait times for smaller homes are shorter than for larger homes. What we are experiencing right now is a 5-7 year wait for homes with one bedroom (under 700 sq. ft.) and 10+ year waits for anything larger. It is very important to plan ahead.

Can I move directly into Assisted Living?

No. New residents must join Carol Woods while they are still totally independent.

How do I get on the Priority List (waitlist)?

Contact the Admissions Department for an application form and Disclosure Statement.  The application and a $1,500 deposit places you on the Priority List. $1,000 of the deposit is refundable if you choose not to pursue Carol Woods.

Do I need long-term care insurance?

No. Carol Woods offers the Type B Modified contract where residents prepay some of their future long-term care costs. In addition, residents annually accumulate 15 "free days" of skilled nursing care, with no limit on accumulation. Once free days are exhausted, the cost of assisted living or skilled nursing care is offered at a significantly discounted per diem rate. However, residents who do carry long-term care insurance may use their benefits to pay for these discounted per diems.

Do I own my home?

No. Residents pay an entry and monthly fee but do not own their home. Carol Woods owns and maintains the homes. Residents do not pay property tax. Residents may purchase renters insurance to cover their belongings.

Can I customize my home?

Yes. Residents can make standard design selections for their new home at no additional charge. Upgrades are available. Our renovation specialist and contractors will work with you to make modifications to your home.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Carol Woods welcomes up to two pets per household. Pets must be registered with the Security Department. There is no size limit.

How do I learn more about resident life at Carol Woods?

Prospective residents can schedule a group tour of campus that includes visiting amenities and homes. Ambassador meals also are available so prospective residents can sample our dining options and converse directly with residents.

I don’t know anyone who lives at Carol Woods. How will I form relationships with residents?

All new residents participate in a Newcomers Program that consists of social receptions and informational meetings. In addition, new residents are paired with a mentor to guide them through their early months in the community. The dining room also offers fellowship dining tables for those looking to engage with others.