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Quest Upstream

June 5, 2018

- Imagine a dementia-inclusive community; a place where each person’s uniqueness is valued, deep relationships flourish and differences are embraced. Imagine a dementia-inclusive community where each person’s perceptions and experience of the world, while often different than our own, are taken into account and honored. Imagine a dementia-inclusive community in which compassionate care partners work proactively to support well-being and uphold each person’s right to live in the least restrictive environment. This is the type of community Carol Woods is fostering on its campus.

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The Siren Call of Carol Woods Committees

March 8, 2018

- One of the most exciting things about Carol Woods is its resident committee structure. There are myriad choices, and if you don’t find what you are interested in, you can start your own Special Interest Group! There are committees that meet monthly and others that meet less frequently.

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The Restorative Powers of Carol Woods

December 18, 2017

- No, we’re not talking about a secret mineral spring or Excalibur in the Carol Woods pond! This is about the restorative powers of the woodcrafters of the Krusa Craft Shop.

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Great Blue Heron at Carol Woods

November 3, 2017

- David Sices’s photograph of Carol Woods Great Blue Heron is featured in the November-December issue of the Humane Society’s "All Animals."

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The Eclipse

October 6, 2017

- A poem, written by a Carol Woods resident, captures the moment of the August eclipse as experienced at Carol Woods.

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