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Carol Woods- A Beautiful Green Island

February 2, 2022

- In many communities, housing developments spring up and are named after trees that used to be there— Hickory Hills, The Oaks, Dogwood Acres. Those trees once dominated the landscape, but they were removed to make way for the houses. Not so at Carol Woods.

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Gardening in a Retirement Community by Marian Stephenson

March 15, 2021

- “Can you have a garden there”?” I smile when my gardening friends, still in their homes in town, ask tentatively about what is “allowed” at Carol Woods.

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Carol Woods is Featured in Moira Welsh's New Book

March 4, 2021

- Carol Woods is featured in a new book exploring how those living with cognitive decline are leading lives filled with purpose, connection and friendship. Happily Ever Older by investigative reporter Moira Welsh explores different ways of supporting older adults with dementia and how approaches that challenge the status quo are succeeding.

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"Why I Chose Carol Woods As My Continuing Care Retirement Community" Arnold D. Kaluzny

November 10, 2020

- Resident Arnold Kaluzny details his process in selecting Carol Woods despite looking at several other communities and despite his original intent of aging in place in his Chapel Hill home. As he puts it, he "realized it was the right decision, made for the right place at the right time."

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Staying Connected: Thriving While Surviving

October 16, 2020

- In the middle of March the global pandemic forced us into what has proven to be a prolonged period of relative social isolation. In the September 1 New York Times, an article titled The Coronavirus Made Us Socially Awkward Kate Murphy cites research on the effects of social isolation. She emphasizes “the importance of blocking out time every day to connect with others.” So how do we manage to do this during these most strange and unprecedented times? Carol Woods staff and residents have worked together to offer opportunities for connection starting way back in March (which feels like about 16 years ago).

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