Carol Woods' approach to well-being is to recognize that each resident has a unique physical, social, emotional, spiritual, cultural and intellectual understanding and need.

Our community focuses on an appreciation of the life work of each resident and attention to each resident’s sense of purpose and enjoyment of life. Carol Woods aspires to integrate all support services, healthcare and therapies.

We invite you to read our philosophy statement as a way to better understand our focus on well-being:

Carol Woods Philosophy Statement

Carol Woods values individual and community well-being, defined as a sense of life satisfaction, meaning and purpose. Success is measured by the quality of life achieved by residents. Personal autonomy and dignity are honored in a safe and secure community conscious of its generous but limited resources.

Carol Woods’ approach to well-being, which includes health care, is holistic, proactive and collaborative, integrating a broad array of traditional and emerging modalities and interventions tailored to the unique needs of each person. Each person’s life experiences, capabilities and goals are respected and honored. Carol Woods is restraint-free and supports individual choices in end-of-life decisions.

The partnership between staff and residents is fundamental to successful well-being. Mutual respect between residents and staff fosters a natural sense of cooperation and caring. Staff supports residents in making decisions about individual services, healthcare and transitions. Carol Woods encourages open communication and partnership in planning, implementing, and evaluating community initiatives. Open and honest interaction builds relationships of appreciation and trust among residents, families, staff, administration, and the board of directors.

Staff members are supported personally and professionally through high quality education and training to gain a thorough understanding of the aging process and the latest developments on resident focused services to support the community’s philosophy.

Carol Woods’ commitment to these values builds a strong community that is responsive to changes and extends beyond its own members. Research, education and community service further quality of life for elders in the wider world.