There is a continuous stream of stimulating opportunities and events available to members of the Carol Woods community.

The practice of not employing an activities director continues to be a distinct characteristic of Carol Woods. As members of a lively and vibrant community, residents enjoy planning their own events, ensuring that the offerings directly reflect their interests. A wide variety of activities are conveniently located across campus, encouraging residents of all levels of support to join in.

Our popular Wednesday Evening Concert series and Thursday Evening programs feature performances and lecture presentations by local authors, scholars, artists and entertainers. The Art Committee also invites local artists to exhibit their work in our exhibition space, Gallery 5.

Sample Offerings

  • Argentine Tango
  • Bird Club
  • Book Review
  • Civil Rights Forum
  • Documentary Screenings
  • Elders for Peace
  • Fitness Programs
  • French Conversation Club
  • Jewish Literature Group
  • Multilingual Scrabble
  • Travel Network