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The Pleasures of the Dog Park

November 3, 2015 -

When I inherited the job of managing the Carol Woods Dog Park from Vanna C. in 2012, I had no idea what to expect. Vanna told me the job was whatever I wanted it to be, and over the last three years I have enjoyed it immensely. The park is a shady three-fourths acre of woods with several trails, some agility equipment, a smaller fenced-in area for small dogs, and two benches where residents can sit and enjoy the passing seasons.

And what a scene it is for a city-dweller like myself! In winter the occasional snows are beautiful, the ice storms remind me to spread sand on the trails and wrestle large downed branches into the wheelbarrow to clear them out of the park. Spring brings lots of seedlings poking through the leaves. I lop them off with my grass whip, shouting “Off with their heads!” as I go. I also rake the paths and spray dangerous roots with bright orange marking paint to keep walkers safe. In summer the park attracts some mosquitoes and lots of colorful mushrooms, all sizes and shapes. I hurl them over the fence and, of course, more immediately appear in their place. Fall brings amazing autumn leaves which Robin Holmes (Carol Woods Private Duty Groundskeeper) and Fred White (Garden Gopher) disperse with their blowers.  Tony Bayless, Director of Landscaping and Grounds, arranges for yearly visits from a tick control firm with safe, environmentally-friendly pesticides.

Every season, in fact, offers dog owners a full body workout if they wish to stay as fit as their dogs. My dog Maggie keeps a beady eye on deer, dogs and people coming too near the fence.  Ignore her barks if you plan to visit. She and I know the park belongs to all Carol Woods residents and their guests, but I hope we may be forgiven for calling it our acre of happiness.  

— Written by Carol Woods resident Cynthia D.