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The Eclipse

October 6, 2017 -


The Eclipse

The moon passed before the sun August 21, 2017.

Bogey, my faithful canine companion, and I were

     part of the Carol Woods Retirement Community

     gathered to watch with special spectacles and

     homemade apparatus and to be photographed under

     the tall pines.

Beyond the pond where the blue heron fishes,

     hot and sweaty, tired of standing, Bogey and I came

     back to the space we call “home” to await the rest of

     the movement of the moon across the sun.

As I sat facing the window and glass door with a

     sandwich, birds flew across my view and as

     though an unseen presence were there, for a

     brief moment movement in the fuchsia ever

     blooming azalea outside the door.

Then beyond the thick stand of tall pine trunks,

     bushes on the far side fluttered, rustled it seemed

     by an unseen hand and for me, as I sat watching

     it was a sacred moment of silent awe.


  Written by Carol Woods Resident Sybil S.