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Dementia-Inclusive Philosophy in Action at Carol Woods

May 18, 2016 -

Carol Woods’ approach to Resident Life focuses on respecting a person’s individual lifestyle. This shapes the foundation of our Dementia Inclusive Philosophy. When individuals come to live at Carol Woods, they become part of a total community and are welcomed into a rich and diverse resident life, all idiosyncrasies accepted. These residents remain an integral part of our community no matter what challenges they may face as they age. They are not segregated according to the frailties that aging may bring or by the loss of functioning that a disease process may present.

One of the most challenging diseases to understand is dementia. It often comes with a constant changing of the individual’s perceptions and interpretations of the world around them. With all the changes that this presents, the one constant is that the individual living with dementia needs to be connected and accepted in activities that fulfill a sense of purpose and belonging within our community.

Carol Woods’ Dementia Inclusive Philosophy requires compassion, understanding and acceptance. This philosophy requires that we honor the person as an adult who has lived a robust life and still wants to be a contributor. Even if this person loses the ability to speak or grasp the full meaning of our words, their awareness of how we address, include and honor them is still very much present. We cannot always assume that “quality of life” as we define it within our own frame of reference can be applied to others.
--Pat Spring, President & CEO of Carol Woods