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Carol Woods and COVID-19 Protocols

March 11, 2020 -

March 31, 2020 – This page will be updated as the situation changes.

Carol Woods has no suspected or confirmed cases of the coronavirus known as COVID-19. Nevertheless, it has been declared a pandemic and therefore we ask for the public's help to carry out protocols to keep Carol Woods as protected as possible. We ask that you do not visit our campus at this time.

As has been reported in the news, those over age 65 and especially those with underlying health issues are at greatest risk from this virus. This requires Carol Woods to take steps to minimize exposure as much as we can.


Visitors to campus

Because people can be infected and feel fine, without exhibiting any symptoms, we are restricting all visitors to our campus.


Visitors to Higher Levels of Support

We are placing the most restrictions on visitors to our higher levels of support, which includes the Health Center and Assisted Living, where our most vulnerable residents live. We remain in contact with families of residents living in these locations and have arranged alternative methods of staying in touch with loved ones.



We have enacted additional protocols to try to prevent staff from exposing residents. We screen all shifts, every day including weekends. Staff are required to stay home if ill, especially with respiratory symptoms. Also, we are asking staff who travel by air or cruise ship to self-quarantine for 14 days. All business travel has been canceled. Staff who have traveled out of the state by car or public transportation will be screened before being allowed to return to work.



In addition to the above screening questions, contractors are also asked not to come to campus if their work is not essential to the operations of the community. Any work on campus that can wait has been delayed. All deliveries are to be screened prior to completing their delivery. As packages arrive, we are placing them in 24-48 hours quarantine depending on the type of packaging.


Other protocols in place around campus:

  • Starting Wednesday, March 18 we will personally screen staff before reporting to work.
  • Carol Woods is asking residents to cancel large group gatherings (over 10 participants). If a resident gathering does take place, we ask all non-campus residents and other outside public to refrain from participating.
  • Precautions are being taken in the dining room. If needed, Carol Woods will switch to a meal-delivery program.
  • Our fitness center and pool have been closed in compliance with an Executive Order from Governor Cooper. Our salon and massage therapy have been closed for the time being as well.
  • The cleaning and disinfecting of all public areas has been increased.
  • Activities that have been suspended include: staff business travel, campus tours, meetings by outside groups that use our campus, and volunteers and students who spend time with residents in higher levels of support.
  • Social distancing, avoiding handshakes and hugs, and keeping six feet away from others when possible are being encouraged.
  • We have completed refresher staff training on the proper method of handwashing as well as other infection-control protocols.
  • Hand sanitizers are available throughout campus, although handwashing is encouraged over using hand sanitizers.
  • Starting at 6:00 PM on March 27, all public/common areas as well as meeting spaces were closed.  This includes such areas as computer room, craft building, art studio, classroom, etc.

The Carol Woods Infection Prevention team is continually monitoring reports of COVID-19 locally, domestically and internationally. We are also following the guidelines of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), NCSPICE (North Carolina Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology), CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), AHCA (American Health Care Association) and LeadingAge.

Thank you for your help in keeping Carol Woods a safe place to live and work.