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Adjusting to Carol Woods: A Counterpoint

March 7, 2016 -

Although members of the Carol Woods News Committee believe the process of settling in is positive for most residents, they also wanted to note that not all new residents have such a seemingly easy time. Some residents miss their old homes and neighbors and find it a challenge, at least at first, to settle into their new (and often smaller) apartments and cottages. Anne F. noted it was particularly difficult to go through her attic and basement, discarding over 40 years of mementos. 

Carol Woods is addressing this adjustment period by offering a six-week course on the nuances and logistics of adjusting to community living. Social Worker Meg Dobson-Genderson is moderating this discussion.

Quotable Quotes on Adjusting to Carol Woods 

Those interviewed emphasized the welcoming nature of residents of Carol Woods. Another pervasive theme is how much the community has come to mean to them in such a short time.

“My mentor introduced me to a number of neighbors who have become friends. I have met more people in five months than I did in the previous five decades.” (Fred T.)

“We have met so many helpful, friendly and interesting people. Possibly a hundred of them! However, names and faces keep slipping out of our cluttered heads.” (Ruth and Barry W.)

“Change is constant, but still the people are wonderful.” ( Julia J.)

“We’ve enjoyed meeting new people as well as reconnecting with people we have known in the past. We feel fortunate to be here in such a modern, wooded setting with such an active, interested, caring group of people.” (Katherine and Toby S.)

During her first and second year, Jan found other people were very understanding of her sometimes “out-to-lunch” stares. “My discomfort was balanced by the fascinating people and the stories which they willingly shared.” ( Jan D.)

“We had the advantage of being very familiar with Carol Woods . . . and now we have made many new friends because of the welcoming atmosphere.” (Peg and Phil R.)

“I know if I live long enough, I will need to restrict my outside activities and focus more of my energy here at Carol Woods. That isn’t so bad because there are a lot of fun and interesting people here.” (Anne F.)

“Although we came as total strangers, we quickly became involved in this amazing community. And we are awed still by the friendliness and genuine kindness of everyone we have encountered since the day we arrived.” (Barb and Nick D.)