Information For Visitors

Independent Living: Residents and their visitors can gather indoors and outdoors with Independent Living residents. This includes being able to gather in homes. Only vaccinated visitors can be in the common areas of campus, such as the Assembly Hall, Social Hall and Dining Room.  Please talk to the resident you are visiting for more information.

Higher Levels of Service: Visitors can visit residents living in our Higher Levels of Support (assisted living, assisted nursing and skilled nursing) if they pass screening and wear a mask during the visit. This includes our buildings 4,5,6 & 7.

Other Guests and Priority List Members: The general public and members of the Carol Woods Priority List (waiting list) are only allowed on campus if they are with a resident or staff. This means that for the time being, Priority List members are not allowed to attend our concerts and lectures unless they are a guest of a resident, are vaccinated and have signed the vaccination assertion form.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campus and residents safe.