Campus Health Update

This Campus Health Status will be updated whenever we have new information to share.

UPDATED July 19, 2021 -- On July 16, one vaccinated resident in independent living was diagnosed with Covid and is on isolation in his/her home. Other vaccinated residents who had been in close contact with this resident were tested and tests were negative.

In February, 2021, all residents and staff were offered their second dose of the Covid vaccine. We now have 99.5% of residents vaccinated. Among employees, 80% are vaccinated. Staff members continue to be screened daily.

From August 2020 through September 2021, four residents of the Health Center had tested positive for Covid and were moved to our isolation cluster. These were the first resident cases of Covid on campus since the pandemic began. Two of the four residents recovered and returned home. Two residents were in the end stages of their lives when they tested positive and have since passed. The exact cause of death is undetermined.